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To Help You On Your Magickal Journey



1st Tue of the Month

Join Jewelee on askjewelee Facebook live the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6pm for a discussion of everything and anything.  Past topics have included how to read tea leaves, mediumship, how to read palms, the tarot (including some free readings), crystals, chakras etc.  Every month I just pick a different topic to talk about,  I am always open to suggestions so send an email if there is something you'd like to learn about and if I'm knowledgable in it I will be happy to add it to the list of topics.

Workshops will start up again in the fall


Free Digital Magazine

If you are interested in the spiritual, the intuitive, fascinated by tarot cards and the ebb and flow of nature. If you love folklore, looking at the moon and wonder how things work as a whole, then this might be the magazine for you.  This Magazine is for someone who is a little bit spiritual, a little bit witchy and a whole lot curious!

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Keep Track Of All Your Witchy Stuff

This journal page is perfect to keep track of your weekly to do list, goals, inspirations, spell work, moon cycles, etc.  It might even help you keep track of you or keep you on track LOL!


Journal Page

Perfect to help you keep track of your readings and learn the cards.  This page includes the major and minor arcana with key words for each so you have an idea of what each means without having to flip thru a book as well as a spread and a place to write any notes and journal any intuitive thoughts that "pop" into your head.  Enjoy!

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