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Grounding, Grounding & Grounding

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I was trying to decide what I was going to write about and it kind of just hit me out of the blue like a bolt of lightning! One of those flashes of intuition or insight. We will blog about grounding. One question I get asked about a lot is grounding. Grounding and shielding are very different terms but for what we’re going to be discussing in this blog you have to think of them as the same thing. Because when doing energy work you need to ground and shield at the same time, so I may be using the terms interchangeably throughout this blog, even though they obviously are very different things.

If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough whenever you’re doing energy work it’s ground ground ground ground ground. People would always come into the store with stories about oh my God I feel nauseous, oh my God I was doing energy work, oh my God I felt so flighty, oh my God I had headaches, oh my God I couldn’t sleep. It was story after story after story and the first thing I said to them did you protect yourself did you shield yourself did you ground yourself and time after time after time the answer was no. Or I forgot or I didn’t think about it. So my question to you is do you ground? Do you know how to ground? Do you know what grounding means?

To me the most important thing to learn before you learn to do any type of channelling, before you learn to read the tarot or oracle cards. Before you learn how to open your intuition. Before you learn learn to do Reiki or any type of energy work. It’s to learn to shield and protect yourself and to ground. I know I’m repeating myself guys, but to me this is the most important 1st step. If you want to be a yoga teacher, you have to hold space for those 35 people in that class. You need to be able to ground yourself or you’re going to end up with headaches. You are going to end up sick to your stomach. You are going to end up loopy and you’re going to end up taking those 35 peoples energy on. So you have to learn to ground and shield and protect yourself first.

So how do we do this? There are multiple ways and I’m going to share some of the ways that I like and use. Some are quick, some are lengthy. Depending on how much time you have and what you’re doing, will depend on which method you choose to use.

First things first, what I always do whenever I’m consciously entering someone’s energy space, is surround myself with what I call an energy bubble. When I’m standing, (yes this can work when your sitting) I pull source energy from above. I visualize it like a beam of light coming down through the crown chakra (top of my head) filling my whole body with white light then radiating out the solar plexus (belly button) and visualize it getting growing bigger like a lightbulb all the way around my body as a protective field of white light energy all the way around my body coming from the crown down through the solar plexus and visualize it all the way around my body. This is a very important exercise to avoid taking on other peoples junk. Another thing that’s really cool about this white light of protection is you can expand it so you can bring the bubble of protection and expand it out or you can visualize your child, your parents or your pet inside that bubble. You can even expand that bubble outwards to include your house, your neighbourhood. You can bring or invite people into the bubble to protect them as well. I’ve done this a lot of times when I do energy work. When you do get used to working with that white light of protection there are many many things you can do with it, so it’s a great starting point not just to use it as a shield but as a healing energy bubble as well. I do this whenever I do a reading for a client, work at a psychic fair, go ghost hunting, do ritual, go teach a workshop (even if it’s virtual) after all we are dealing with energy.

Now let’s talk about grounding how do we ground let me count the ways. There are so many ways and ideally it’s something that you should be practising or doing on a regular basis. It should become something as natural as brushing your teeth. But especially something you do before doing any energy work. I find since it’s not the fun stuff people often overlook it, what happens then is they start getting dizzy or headaches or sick to their stomachs and it’ll hit them like a ton of bricks. What we’re gonna do is talk about the band aid solutions or quick ways to ground first because that’s usually what you need. You will realize that you need to actually start learning to ground and make it a regular practice.

So what are my fav ways to ground myself real quick?

Feet flat on the floor no shoes. Try picturing them rooted into the ground like tree roots

Hand over my third eye or crown chakra

Running my hands under cold water

Holding a hematite, onyx, tourmaline or obsidian crystal (I really like hematite)

Sitting on the ground

Placing a hematite crystal in your forehead or 3rd eye chakra

Walking bare foot in the grass

Drinking a glass of cold water

Taking a few deep breath‘s

Next let’s discuss some things you may be doing that may be having some negative effects and possibly causing some ungrounding that you may not even be aware of. Some people have nightmares or the kids have night terrors and they might not even realize that they could be bringing this on themselves especially if you’re intuitive and you’ve got a lot of amethyst in your bedroom. Amethyst is a third eye stone that helps connect you to your intuition. If you’re sleeping with amethyst in your bedroom it could be opening the third eye while you are sleeping and allowing for spirit to come thru to connect using your intuition.

For grounding practices my go to has always been hematite. Onyx, obsidian and tourmaline work just as well but I prefer hematite. I carry a piece on me, I hold it in my hand and meditate with it. I will stick it in a teapot with hibiscus when I have a headache and make a pot of tea to drink. I could not be without a piece of hematite nearby!

I like to work with the cycles of the moon so I like to constantly be cleansing/clearing my house of stagnant energies. I like to use white sage but there are lots of other herbs you can use. Do some research and experiment and have some fun with it. I also like to make a spray Its quick and easy and anytime I want I can just give a quick spray around the room or myself. I use water (made on the full moon) some essential oils or herbs or both, add a crystal, a blessing and I’m good to go. Such a simple quick fix. You might want to consider cleansing/smudging on a regular basis I like to do it on a full moon but you can also do it on a new moon you can do it whenever you want some people do it once a week sometimes if I’ve done a lot of mediumship readings I will cleanse twice a week but my ritual is every full moon at least. Some people do it with the change of seasons again trust what feels right to you.

Walking out in nature is very grounding, balancing and soothing. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors and it doesn’t have to be walking. It could be nothing more than sitting in the backyard staring at the trees. I actually have a tree in my backyard that I get visions from, the same as I would when I scry. I really connect to my tree and that’s the one that I sometimes go to for information for myself. I meditate with, and I get images from, and I find this very grounding. So being out in nature can be very grounding. It’s not a quick fix it’s some thing you have to spend the time and take the time to do. But it’s very effective when you do. Nothing compares to connecting with mother Gaia.

The last thing I’d like to do is share with you a very simple meditation I do daily. Even if I don’t have time to do anything else I do this daily.

Sit comfortable with a seated position you can have your hands resting down or resting up usually the rest your hands facing palms up that allows energy to be received if you feel like you need to be a little bit more grounded tonight then you can place your palms facing down and take three deep breaths then call for

Element of air to keep our mind sharp and clear and focussed

Elemental fire to create passion and purpose in our life

Element of water to allow us to be kind and empathetic and to move around immovable object

Element of earth to keep as strong and grounded like the big oak tree

love and light

This simple meditation always helps me connect and prepares me to start my day in a balanced and grounded way. I hope it does the same for you

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