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What Does This Witch Read?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

What does this “Unexpected Witch” read? Witchy books of course but sometimes you just want to curl up with a cup of tea and grab something different and see what else is out there and for those days some of my fav reads have been:

Let’s start with one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read which is Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman. Its not something I would normally read, I just picked it up randomly at a book box when I was look for something “interesting and different” to read and boy interesting and different doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m not giving it away but let me tell you I had to backtrack thru pages thinking did I miss something. What the hell is going on…so if you want something that isn’t only a forward page turner LOL, you might want to give it a try.

I also loved reading “Tending Roses” by Lisa Wingate. It's one of those books you just want to curl up with on a cold day with a cup of tea and a warm fuzzy blanket and just read and read and read and not stop till its done. It's a story of love, sadness, and just makes you appreciate how lucky you are.

For inspiration I like to pick up Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart. I find it a real pick-me-up if I’m off balance, stressed, frustrated or just want a little morning meditation after yoga or something to think about with my morning tea. Lets just grab something random and see what inspiration she has while I’m writing this:

“Let your mind see what your soul already knows.Things are working out perfectly”

Power vs Force - not quite sure how to refer to this book. Is it spiritual, is it healing, is it teaching, is it guidance maybe a little bit of all of the above. I know one thing, it’s a deep read and it's enlightening. This is one of those books that you have to take your time to read, go slow, let it absorb and re-read paragraphs. If I was a person who highlighted things in books the whole damn book would be highlighted (LOL) but I’m not so my copy is filled with post it notes and bookmarkers! I find it so helpful, its my go to for anything. I use it when I need to explain something for a client, I call it my connection book cuz it helps me connect energy work and/or chakra work to consciousness levels, I call it my bridger cuz its bridged the gap for me when I have had to have difficult conversations or have had to teach and someone has maybe not understood what I was saying because there was a big gap in consciousness levels and this book has helped me understand the difference so we could talk at a level we could each understand. Its kind of like finding the middle ground between a meat eater and a vegetarian. This is the book that can help you have that conversation! When people question what is my life’s purpose, or where am I spiritually this is the book that can help you figure that out. I will caution you though its a heavy read and its not near as simple as flipping to page 124 for the answer but its a good read and can really help on your spiritual journey to connect the dots.

Since I love to help people and I hear and have heard so many amazing stories of faith from so many people over the years, when I read Spirit of the Flesh by Joel Gross it really resonated with me. It’s not based on a true story but I felt like I was a part of the story and I wanted to win and was rooting for the characters in the story. It’s one of those books that will be sitting on my bookshelf to be read again during troubling times or when I feel I need inspiration and to eventually be passed on to someone in need.

Those are a few of my fav books that you might want to check out if you get the opportunity. I’m not sure how you feel but I’m old fashioned so I’m not a big fan of kindle. I like to have the book in my hand and the feel of the pages on my fingertips as I read so I will always buy or borrow a book, and I think whoever came up with the idea of the book box was a genius! I am an avid reader who has always been known as a bookworm since I’ve been little and would much prefer to have spent my time in the library than on the soccer field growing up, and still prefers to read than own a TV or go on utube, instagram or Facebook. I love to read and will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on and I love to get lost in the stories. Have you gotten lost in a story, daydreaming about the plot and characters as if they were right in front of you? For me, reading the tarot is the same way. Reading is reading, whether I’m reading A Course In Miracles (another very deep but great read) or Shambhala, or a Jodi Picooult novel or a new deck of cards. Happy Reading Everyone.

Ps for those that are wondering some of my fav Witchy books are: The Hearth Witch’s Year, Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery, Opening to Channel, The Four Agreements and Spell Craft. I am currently reading Pagan Magick of the Northern Tradition - Customs, Rites and Ceremonies by Nigel Pennick

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