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Great for beginners and seasoned readers.  This is the deck I recommend when your starting out or looking for value for your money.  Its a modern version of the Rider Waite Deck so when you are doing your google search it can be used with almost any information you find on the internet.  The images are bold and bright but not overly busy so they are easy to read with.  Price point is amazing for a deck set probably the cheapest you will find.   The card stock is awesome it stands up to the test of time.  Being a deck set so it comes with a full size indepth book and also included is a handy layout spread sheet so you don't have to constantly flip back thru the book to see where to lay your cards and what the position in the spread means.  I give this deck a 5 cauldrons up!  I still use it and always recommend it especially to beginners when I'm teaching a class.  

Easy Tarot

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